Destiny for unprivileged!

Many people around the globe have tried to help the poor especially in the Low developing countries. But what is the outcome from all their toils? A question we are to ponder and eventually consider before we deal with any problem at stake. MDC’s have really tried. Many are global organizations and Non-governmental organizations. Individuals without exception. Still poor countries and their subjects remain in total and abject poverty. What then should be done to avert the situation which is so challenging despite all the efforts put together by nations, organizations, and individuals?

Destined Christian Ministries Uganda, a young christian based ministry has come up with strategies despite all the challenges the world is facing in reaching out the unprivileged people especially in remote areas. One, all efforts geared towards helping poor people and devastated areas should have Godly perspective. We should take God as the principle and cardinal Being into all what is going on in the world. God is behind all this is happening in different societies and so with out Him we do nothing. Second, how will the understanding and knowledge we have about God affect the way we deal with others in terrible situations? Is it with strings attached? As the slogan goes, tit for tat, or with a driving force within us to help improve others to a level of understanding that God cares for them? Third, how should we then live in relation to what God is given us. Yes, we know Him as sovereign, that knowledge affects us to act in love, but how to live it out. It’s another thing to act in love and really live loving others.

To that, please, Join us in the pursuit to help unreached individuals and societies for God. Nations, peoples, and organizations have tried but all in vain. It’s now your and our time to react to the situation. People who are called to live out for their God. we will do mightier things than He did. We believe that restoring the hope of the hopeless might be among those mightier things. why can’t you join those with such heart and together we raise our voices to the Almighty to do something in our generation.

Thank you so much. Things will happen as we come up and act.

Patrick Mukisa

DCM-Uganda Co-ordinator

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Equiped To Serve!

We believe as we come together, we will do that which God has commanded us to do. Glorify Him in all life. So you and us can become part of the huge body in support of the less fortunate and young people who are the world’s greatest resource. Yet the Devil has planned to ruin them so much that even they won’t realize how valuable they are in the kingdom of God. Join us as we strive to equip this generation for the glory of our Creator.

So, we are setting up Destiny Christian College(s), high school and vocational school to avail the necessary skills and knowledge which will be put into practice by those whom God wills to bring in our reach. They will be able to support themselves and serve others with great enthusiasm as service to the Lord.

This is really difficult to human knowledge but it’s what God the Father has called us to do. So, His son came and accomplished all for those who are incapable and don’t even realize how bad they are. We are therefore looking upon Him. He can do more than what we can think and imagine by His Spirit power. We are glad seeing you joining us in this pursuit.

Feel free to write to us, or call;

Postal Address: P.O Box 161 Lugazi (Uganda)

Email Address:

Tel. +256776744890/+256758940207

In case of any donation, please feel free to consult us or deposit with Barclays Bank Uganda LTD Account No. 6000971497

Thank you so much, Psalms 41:1

Yours in Christ’s vineyard,

Patrick Mukisa



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